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This era of BMX influenced my life so much it's impossible to describe in full. Everything good in my life right now except surfing is in some way a result of the time I spent riding and traveling with my BMX bike. My fitness, my livelihood, and by extension even my kids are an indirect result of the bike. I'm so stoked to see this project get made. -SPK

The grass roots of New England BMX Freestyle. Curb endos and backyard ramps led to world championships and an unforgettable 80s scene. Check out this RAD Kickstarter project here and donate a couple of dollar to get it made!

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Finger tips

It's amazing what we have right at our finger tips everyday and just hours away by plane life it so different. In 2012 this boy and is so excited about fm radio and most of us have 1000's of songs and pod casts in our pockets. -SPK

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I try to remind myself to do this everyday

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Gone with the wind

I've lost some boards off the car man but nothing like this, and my stories don't have any cool animation either.

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Classic New England fall ride on my new adventure mobile

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So this is suppose to be some kind of "I just one the mega millions fantasy?" I'm on board but I'm going to buy a real island and build a race car track around it! Duh way more practical. -SPK

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So its been a minute since I've updated the old blog here. To anyone out there who noticed, thank you and I'm sorry. I've been very busy as of late. We just had our second child a few months ago and I decided that it was a good time to quit my job of 11 years and buy bicycle shop, living in real life is always a good excuse as to why you've ignored the interweb. I feel like I've made it through the squall without falling over board and the sails are back in trim so now theres time to post again. The bike shop is called Fritz's Bicycle Shop named after Fritz (not me) who founded it almost 30years ago. I'm looking to expand on the great customers he has and bring some new attitude and aesthetic to the shop. Stop by and say HI. -SPK

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I was thinking about surfing the other day with the possibility of a small bump in the water. I decided to bag it, then later that morning I went online to check the cam to see if I made the right call, first frame I see is a dad pushing a child into a wave! turns out I made the right call on the waves but this stoked me out. -SPK

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I was going through a bunch of old pictures from when I was a kid and I came across this gem of me paddling on my own equipment. I don't remember this particular instance, I was about three. I do remember all the time we spent at the beach in general though and I'm forever grateful to my parents for instilling in me the sense that enjoying my life is important. Good times . -SPK

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For sale a '86 Hobie Holder 12. The hull, rigging and sail are all in great condition. I always washed, dried, and stored everything properly after a day of sailing. New hiking strap, outhaul, downhaul, and traveler lines installed last season. I also added a shorter tiller extension and installed an adjustable tension self centering tiller mechanism which prevents full rudder deflection in hands off situations. The original user manual and sail bag are included. There is no title, a bill of sale will be created.
This boat is quick and simple to rig and break down, and fast, fun, and responsive on the water.

The boat sits on a vintage 1966 TeeNee T-trailer in good useable condition. 1-7/8" Ball. These TeeNee trailers will tow your small boat smoother than any of the modern leaf spring trailers available today. Using a very simple design with a torsion bar, coil springs, and light duty shocks you will experience virtually zero trailer bounce over bumpy roads. With it's minimalist design the trailer is very easy to move about by hand. The lights are NOT in working condition, new wiring will be required. The tires have been useable for my short tow purposes, but sidewall cracking is substantial. There is no title, a bill of sale will be created.

All Photos can be viewed here: HobieHolder12


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Somebody Sunday's : This Guy

I won't go into to much detail because he prefers to fly under the radar but if you know who he is than you already know hes rad as hell!


After a long week of waiting past the due date our newest family member is finally here. I guess she was just waiting for the nice weather. Everyone is healthy and doing great needless to say the Prince family is super STOKED! -SPK

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My friend Bry got a full two page spread in The Surfers Journal. Mostly I'm just surprised it took this long. -SPK

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Sherri is now past her due date for our second child so I've been trying to stay close to home. I've been missing the swell but have been putting in long hours at the shop and catching up on around the house projects. Its nice to have good help. I should have a second little helper any day now. -SPK

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Usually on Mothers Day I find myself thinking about what I can get my Mom to make her happy. This year I've been thinking about Colton's Mother (sorry Mom). My wife is also a Mom, to our awesome little boy Colton and is going to be giving birth any day now to our second child. I've been thinking about when Colton was born and how totally crazy the whole process is. It's almost unbelievable that we all got here that way except of course, that we're all here. Living with a child and the mother of that child has opened my eyes to just how much mothers really do and in a way that I could have never understood before, I think that will make my Mom happy. Thanks Mom and Wife for all that you did, do, and will do for your children.

Colton and his Mom.

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A board made 100% out of old skateboard decks @

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I'm not typically a fan on the slow-mo feature but this wave is rad. -SPK

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Brian Nevins

Brian Nevins is a New Hampshire based photographer that really knows how to point and click, as if its that simple. He just won the Pro Photographer Showdown at the Telus Ski & Snowboard Fesitval in Whistler, British Columbia with this amazing slideshow. Check it out make sure the HD is on. You can see a bunch more of Brian's work @ GET IN THE VAN


Get to Greenhill Skatepark in Worcester Ma on Sunday May 20th 11am - 2pm. We will be cleaning up the trash and leaves around the skatepark and having a skate jam / BBQ after. All are welcome, bring only the willingness to help out and skate. -SPK

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A super fun skate jam to benefit a Holden skatepark went down the other day with great success. Click the link for more pics and the newspaper article HOLDEN SKATE JAM -SPK

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9" vbottom + 2" mush waves x 90 degree weather % 3 weeks of not surfing = smiles for miles

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RAD! 1970 VW Baja Bug & 6’0 Bing Bonzer

Check it at : there is a link to make suggestions.


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Check it at : there is even a link to make suggestions. I say Baja bug with a bonzer.




When you drive as far as you can in Osa and then go just a bit further, this is what the end of the road looks like.

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eric dranginis doing that thing we do, at that place we do it.

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Sunny Day
Sweepin' the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet

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