Friday, May 28, 2010

Ahhh Summer...

I've in the past been known to get bummed out on the time between Memorial Day to Labor Day cause of all the fucktards that suddenly invade the lineup. After years of being pissed off I've notice nothing has changed it doesn't do any good, actually the number of fucktards seems to be rising. The only thing changing is me, every year I get more crotchety and jaded to the point where I've actully on occasion stayed out of the water cause of the vast number of fucktards occupying it, Well No More!
I'm taking a new stand of bring it on, come to the beach, bring your mother, your dog, your fucking priest, I don't care I'm going to smile, say hi, and stare at your girlfriend's ass. It's going to be rad. Think about it if you get pissed then the fucktards win. Fuck'em go surf have fun and be nice. Then when they fuck up and they will, you can take all your anger out on them. Pull a point break move and cut the leash on their Bic HA HA HA. Wax their windshields HA HA HA. Jump off you board and shoot it at their head decapitating them HA HA HA. EVERY BODY AT THE BEACH !!! -SPK

Its nice to know that if your smart and look around a bit you can still find a spot with a only a few people out. Sure the wave might not be as good but if the better wave has fifty dudes on it is it really better? -SPK

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