Monday, December 5, 2011

My kid doesn't give a fuck !

As a parent your always trying to capture that one amazing picture that sums up how perfect your child is... You know so you can show everybody else who doesn't care anyway. You say stuff like "Oh this one? I just snapped it, isn't he cute?" ( in reality you blasted out about fifty seven pictures in less than thirty seconds ) and of course your kid could give a shit that your trying to be the next Annie Leibovitz. Well here are some of the other ones, that now in hind sight have turned out to be the real gems.

Yo buddy you looking at me? I'll kick your ass from here to next week!

I can't even explain what the hell is going on here.

Somebody get this kid a bucket!

Apparently my kid the "farmer" just rode his quad back from his secret field some where in Humboldt.

This is what the scene looks like at your great aunts house seconds before that antique chair gets a very modern stain.

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