Sunday, May 15, 2011

Somebody Sunday's : Lino Gonzalez

Lino Gonzalez is from my home town of Southbridge Ma where he and I grew up riding Bmx. He's a few years younger than me so he was always just one of the groms riding around, until he wasn't. You see at some point he just stepped out of the shadows cast by the older riders around him, stepped out of the shadowy shit town were we lived and began to shine. He did it by getting good on a bike, sure, but more importantly he did it with the right attitude. Lino is true to himself and genuinely wants whats best for Bmx. While this isn't a line thats always easy to take its one that can't fail. He's married to a great girl, is a successful respected pro rider, started his own company, and just opened a shop. Now he casts his own big shadow. Check it out 90EAST and 90EAST on ESPN

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