Thursday, August 19, 2010

Support Molly this weekend!

You could have to ride ride two of my weird ass boards at this event! If hope I don't get stuck with one of them! -SPK

"When we were planning this year’s Molly event, I knew that I wanted to organize a “surf contest” in order to really complete a full day of beach fun. I also realized that I have a ton of pals that surf and a lot of these folks were never into entering a surf contest. I needed to design a surf event that would really entice my friends to enter the event. I needed to make it fun for everyone…not just the contest jocks.

Leave your board at home because we’ll be supplying the boards that will be used in the contest. Yep, the Molly surf contest isn’t really a “contest” because each surfer has to draw which board they’re going to ride, from a slip of paper out of my cowboy hat, before their heat. Think “Cosmic Creek Challenge” with a lil’ twist. Each surfer runs the risk of possibly drawing a Steve Lis fish, Skip Fry longboard, or an 8 ft. BZ soft top rental board (as well as a few rotating nuggets). You will not have any idea what you’re going to have to ride until you pull a slip of paper out of my hat before your heat. How awesome!

Keep in mind that we’re raising money for The Molly Fund, so if you happen to pick a board that you possibly can’t ride then all you have to do is kick in an additional $20 and you’ll be able to choose a board from the alternative quiver. Totally awesome! Entry fee is $30 and we’ll have sign-ups the day of the event starting at 7:00am at 18th St. Just look for the HUGE Oakley tents.

We will have a division for the groms that want to participate – boys and girls 13 and younger – and the groms will be able to use their own boards. If you’re 14 years old, then you’ll have to surf with the “old” guys and gals. Of course, we will have a division for the women! We have it all covered…..

Please make sure that you bring plenty of twenty dollar bills because cash is king and you don’t want to be stuck riding Steve O’Hara’s “Freak.” Trust me – I’ve ridden it – and I’ll be happy to pay $20 not to have to ride that thing again….especially in front of my friends.



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